EMS Agencies:

Three updates for Winchester Medical Center's Emergency Department~

If you are directed by Comm to take a patient to WEST or CDU, we are asking you to stop in the ED huddle area so that patient can be “arrived” in the system while maintaining the recommended 6 foot distance for our non-clinical staff. There are markings as shown below.


Valley Health now requires any person entering the building to be wearing a mask. Previously it was only required for patients and visitors, but it now affects outside agencies. See info below with specifics. Please consider sending in as few personnel as needed to reduce crowding in the ED workroom and “EMS hallway”. 

Source Control

Lastly, below are the questions that our comm techs are required to assess with each arriving ambulance. Please keep these in mind as you  call your reports into the comm tech. Please be sure to share with the comm tech and concerns for COVID risk patients so we can place them appropriately.   

WMC COVID Questions