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ALS Provider Precepting Updated PDF Print E-mail

At a recent meeting of the Medical Direction committee, the Operational Medical Directors voted to require all ALS providers to complete a class for the Regional Pre-Hospital Standard Patient Treatment Guidelines and to have a new Authorization to Practice signed along with completing a preceptor internship. For more information, click here .


Council now accepts credit cards PDF Print E-mail
Great news! The Council can now accept credit cards over the phone and at the office to pay for all your purchases! You can now use credit card to pay for invoices, EMS classes, and CPR classes both over the phone and in person! 

One-for-One Exchange Policy now LIVE PDF Print E-mail

The Council's Regional Drug exchange program  (one-for-one drug exchange) went live Friday, April 23, 2010 at 0700 hours.  The hospital pharmacies will repackage the morphine and Versed so they are in a tamper proof package or provide the provider with the tamper proof bag to place the morphine and Versed in themselves. For additional information and for copies of the available forms, click here.

Update on H1N1 Virus PDF Print E-mail
The influenza A (H1N1) virus (more commonly referred to as swine flu) is still widespread throughout Virginia. All regions have been affected, and it is important for all health care providers, including EMS providers to stay informed about H1N1. Dr. Karen Remley, State Health Commissioner has provided an update with very important H1N1 information.

Changes to DDNR PDF Print E-mail
EMS providers should be aware of recent changes to Virginia's "Durable Do Not Resuscitate (DDNR) program. The Code of Virginia has been changed to mandate that only the person named on the DDNR form may rescind that order. For more information, click here.


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