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Council Announces New CentreLearn Online CE Program! PDF Print E-mail

centrelearn logoThe Council is pleased to announce the addition of online CE now available thru CentreLearn for EMS providers within the region! This new pilot program will initially begin for a period of one year at a reduced cost. More 

Last Call for EMS Providers Needing Protocol Training Update PDF Print E-mail

2013 protocolsThe Council in partnership with Frederick County Fire & Rescue Department will offer a Protocol Training class for ALL EMS providers within the region that still need to be updated to the new Protocols released in August of this year. The class will be held January 12, 2014 & you can click here to register for the training

FREE Family & Friends CPR Now Being Offered PDF Print E-mail

1736-inter-photDo you know someone that wants to learn CPR but they don't need a certificate? The Council now offers a free monthly class for Family & Friends CPR. This 2 1/2 hour class includes adult hands-only CPR; Adult AED use; Child & Infant CPR; and adult, child, and infant relief of choking. This class does not provide certification for CPR. Check out our complete calendar of classes here


Breast Cancer T-Shirts Still Available! PDF Print E-mail

breastThe Council will continue to sell the new "EMS for a Cure" T-Shirts acknowledging breast cancer awareness even thought October is ending! Come by today or call to get yours! Even though the month is ending, we'll still continue to send all proceeds of the sales to help rid us all of this dreaded disease! Call the Council to reserve one or stop by today! They're available for $17 with $3 additional for shipping if needed. 


CPAP Adapter Advisory PDF Print E-mail

With the new protocol equipment that was distributed to all agencies within the Lord Fairfax EMS Council region, there should have been a 22mm double female adapter included. The rationale for this adapter is to give you the ability to administer a nebulizer treatment through the Boussgniac CPAP System. If you receive a different CPAP device when doing equipment exchange, this set-up may not work. If you are receiving different equipment, please contact the Council. More 


New E-Mail for 12-Lead Transmission PDF Print E-mail

The Winchester Medical Center now has an e-mail address available for transmission of 12-Leads when Lifenet is not available in the field. It is only to be used for suspected STEMIs and is NOT to be used for every 12-Lead performed. See the flyer for additional information and share with all providers. Flyer for 12-Lead Transmission by E-Mail 

Recall Notice! PDF Print E-mail

recallThe Council just received information about a potentially hazardous situation involving the Emergency Cricothyrotomy kits that were just purchased as part of the recent protocol upgrades within the region. This device is being corrected to prevent a possible reduction in product effectiveness. Please read the additional information for the specific lot numbers being recalled. The Council is in the process of replacing these kits now. More. 


New App for Protocols! PDF Print E-mail
Got a smart phone? The Council now has a new app for the regional protocols that's live & available for all iOS and Android devices! You should be able to find it with just a search of "Lord Fairfax EMS Council". If you don't find it with that, you can also search for "Acid Remap" & then should be able to locate our Council from there. Please let us know how you like it & if there's any suggested changes. As updates come out, the app will also be updated.
Implementation of FBI Background Checks Delayed PDF Print E-mail
The Virginia Office of EMS is working with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) executive leadership and the Virginia State Police to obtain the necessary equipment, supplies and develop policies and procedures for the implementation of FBI background checks for each person who, on or after July 1, 2013, applies to be a volunteer with or employee of an EMS agency. Because these tasks are not complete, there will be a delay in the enactment of these new requirements in the law (ยง32.1-111.5). More 
Mandatory Training for Paramedics in August PDF Print E-mail

Notice to all Paramedics in the Lord Fairfax EMS Council region: With the upcoming implementation of the new protocols, all Paramedics are required to attend a surgical cricothyrotomy training. Nine training dates will be held throughout the region in August. Any paramedic that does not attend a training will not have the authority to practice this skill. Upon completion of the training, a completion form will be filed in the provider's file at the Council office. To register, contact the appropriate jurisdictional Coordinator. Click here for the calendar of training dates. 



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