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Ramp Closures to Route 37 PDF Print E-mail

rte 37 southbound ramp closure v2As announced earlier this month, construction is underway on an extensive upgrade to the Route 37/Winchester Medical Center interchange, which currently provides access to the WMC campus located on the east side of the highway.  
Beginning Wednesday, August 26, 2015, the two ramps of the southbound lanes of Route 37 at the WMC interchange will be closed. What this means is that travelers will not be able to enter or exit the WMC campus by using the southbound lanes of Route 37. Those traveling south on Route 37 (from Clearbrook) wishing to access the WMC campus will need to continue south to the Route 50 interchange and turn left onto Amherst Street. Likewise, the only access to Route 37 south for those leaving the WMC campus will be at the Route 50 interchange. The southbound ramps of the Route 37 and WMC interchange will be closed for the duration of the construction project, which is expected to last approximately six months.  
The northbound ramps of Route 37 will remain open at this time.  
Signage is in place at the Route 37 ramps. It currently states that the road closure will begin on August 24, but this date will be changed to August 26 in the next few days.

VHS Announcement- Ramp Closures to Rt 37