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Upcoming Rescue Squad Assistance Fund Grant Cycle PDF Print E-mail

The next grant cycle for the Rescue Squad Assistance Fund (RSAF) will open February 1, 2016. The deadline for grant applications to be received at the VA Office of EMS is 5:00pm March 15, 2016 with grants being awarded July, 2016. For additional information and to access the eGift program, click here. If you need assistance with your application or would like it to be reviewed before submission, contact the Council office. All grant applications are now submitted online. 

The Financial Assistance for Emergency Medical Services Grants Program, known as the Rescue Squad Assistance Fund (RSAF) Grant Program is a multi-million dollar grant program for Virginia non-profit EMS agencies and organizations. Items eligible for funding include EMS equipment and vehicles, computers, EMS management programs, courses/classes and projects benefiting the recruitment and retention of EMS members.